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Organic shampoo for curly hair - By Sissylove85

Hi everyone!
Here you are my first post where I'll tell you which organic shampoo I know and where to find them. This post is mainly for italian people, but you can buy most of these products on web.

I talked about the awareness of organic products in this post: organic products = more awareness and how to understand which are organic products in another post: organic products: how to find them?
I invite you to go and read to not lose the thread of the conversation! ^_^
As I explained in the last article, this is a collaboration with RoxyRocksTV (here is the link to her channel RoxyRocksTV),
who recently made the video on curly hair care using organic products, but which is located in Los Angeles, so she hadn't the opportunity to do some research to figure out organic product here in Italy, and where we can buy them. And here I go into the game: doing some research I found some interesting brands and also quite easy to find. Let's get started!

We start from the brand called Omia which is found primarily in italian stores Acqua & Sapone, there are four types:
  • Flax seed: to strengthen hair 
  • Argan Oil: to moisturize and smooth the hair  
  • Macadamia: to get shiny hair  
  • Aloe: for healthy hair
Of all four lines exist shampoo and mask, and the first three there's also the hair oil. The price is reasonable and are cute products, attention only to choose the right one for your hair.

Another brand that I really like is "I Provenzali", and here in Italy is found both in stores Acqua & Sapone that in the major supermarkets. I have personally tried several products of this brand, and I also reviewed the Shea line (shea shampoo and conditioner review). The lines of "I Provenzali" are three complete and other shampoo:
  • Flax seed: for dry and damaged hair
  • Sapote oil: rebalancing and strenghening
  • Shea: moisturizing and detangling
 Of these, the first three lines has got shampoo, conditioner, mask and oil, and the sapote oil line hat got also the vials. The other shampoos are:
  • Honey and chamomile: extra sweet
  • Capuchin grass: anti-dandruff

The prices of this brand are more than affordable, the only small flaw is that every shop that I shot had different products, but never any choice, so you have to go by trial and error.
I will now give a brand that I love to madness, and that the vast majority of organic products: Lush. It's still quite widespread and also the online site where you can buy, although the nice thing about these stores is to enter and smell everything! There are several shampoos, but to make things easier I will list only those that are most suitable for curly hair:
  • Cynthia sylvia stout: governing for dry hair
  • Big: all kind of hair
  • Rehab: for dry, brittle and treated hair
  • Blousey: for dry, brittle and treated hair
  • Curly wurly: governig for dry hair, perfect for curly hair
Obviously they also have conditioners:
  • Retread: moisturizer for dry and damaged hair
  • American cream: detangling for frizzy hair
  • Big II: volume and softness for oily hair
  • Jungle: governing your hair
These last two balms are solid, but are used very simply. I have personally tried several products Lush (of which I will do various reviews) and rarely are unsatisfied. Unfortunately, the prices are not exactly cheap.

Other places where you can find organic shampoo are Eataly, NaturaSì and then there's The Body Shop, I'm sure about the cruelty free, but about INCI I never stopped to check, great products and an e-commerce cute and easy to use.

This is what I found by turning several shops in Rome. Do not expect to find organic products in perfumery, you had only a hole in the water. Now that I have provided a nice smattering on organic shampoo for curly hair, you just need to follow my blog, RoxyRocksTV YouTube channel and put into practice our tips!
As always, I hope to be helpful and more than ever if you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact me! 

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